Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Auxiliary Functions of the May 15th Prophecy

St Antony inside the Alamo

"Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree"

I want to show you some of the Auxiliary Functions That the CFO of the May 15th Prophecy is involved with, and some of the great people and organizations in the City Of Oakland to be in service, in duty and in love for our fellow man

"Big Time" Bob is a great man and another with whom I work with at St Vincent De Paul which serve over a 1,000 meals a day to the homeless, low income or anybody who need a meal, as well as clothes, job training and more

All that food need some chiefs, Ricardo with Angie and the crew

Working with my good friend Oscar, putting in the work of helping others

My great friend Elvis

Working with real leaders of the city of Oakland and Men I'm proud to call friend at the Oakland Mentoring Center (Pictured from left to right) Baba Green, Brother Mutu, Baba Perkins & Baba George who help mentor young Oakland males who need the wisdom of the elders

Participating as a "Baba" and a friend at PMG (Positive Minds Group) one of the most blessed rooms in all of Oakland

Working with the outstanding youth of the HOPE COLLABORATIVE

Working hard in serious consultation and collaboration brainstorming ideas to bring better solutions for the city of Oakland urban problems

Working hard or hardly working ? you decide :)

Faith is a beautiful thing, no wonder God love it about us more then anything!!

Built in 1909; for almost a century, the St. Anthony has welcomed guests with timeless elegance and first-rate service so you know I had to visit when I went to San Antonio

St Antony is a special place, the City of San Antonio did itself a favor by designating it a Historical Land Mark (Leon Davis seated inside the longe of St Antony)

While in San Antonio I had to grab this Officer and take a picture

The Alamo

You are Looking at the actual bullets of David Crockett, that right DAVY CROCKETT!!

It can get really scary in the wild, wild, west!

Visiting the office of the Governor of California

Going to the office Nancy Skinner also

Making sure the people of Oakland voices are heard

To make sure the powers that be are held accountable to people of Oakland who are the least represented at the political table 

A giant of a man in stature & in deeds Will Allen who has dedicated a lifetime teaching urban youth how to farm and is one of the earliest innovator in sustainable green gardening movement see his great work at GROWING POWER (pictured with Leon Davis)

One of the nation human treasure for her dedication and unwavering leadership in bringing about justice and the prospect for a better future & success for our children, their families, and their communities., leading broad member of the Kellogg Foundation Linda Joe Doctor (Pictured with Leon Davis)

The California Secretary of Agriculture A.G. Kawamua (Pictured with Leon Davis)

Congresswoman Barbara Lee & Leon Davis together after speaking at Slow Foods Event

Here is the link to the work I do that will bring economic justice
However the best way to understand the propose of the Auxiliary Function is 1st view my website called
Then for complete understanding read this post from the May 15th Prophecy titled